2021 - 2022


The officers of a Lodge have been elected or appointed to serve the Lodge because of their particular talents. Some are more gifted in certain areas than others but all of them must possess one very important characteristic, that of Devotion to Duty.

When a man accepts an office in a Masonic Lodge he is saying to the Brethren of his Lodge that he has committed himself to Masonry and to the complete fulfillment of his office. He should, prior to acceptance of an office, study the charges which will be made to him at his installation. He should also recognize that he will have to make certain sacrifices as the job of an officer is not a "one or two'' night a month obligation. There is a great deal of planning, studying, and attending involved in each of these offices. If he is not prepared to make these sacrifices then he is not being fair to his Lodge Brothers or to himself by accepting the office.

Every officer must work with enthusiasm, not only at his own particular job in the Lodge, but must assist all other officers in the performance of their duties. The officer, by doing his job well, is trying to earn his way to the next office in line or to some other position of responsibility in his Lodge.

2021 - 2022 LODGE OFFICERS

Worshipful Master Rod Flannery n/a
Senior Warden Gary Pastor n/a
Junior Warden Tim West n/a
Senior Deacon Peter Pollock n/a
Junior Deacon Eric Drake n/a
Senior Steward Craig Haycook n/a
Junior Steward Kohen Steward n/a
Chaplain Craig Lobdell n/a
Tyler David Zambo n/a
Treasurer Bob Giesseman
Secretary Ed Badger n/a
Education Officer Michael Mahaffey n/a